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Unlocking the potential of your top executives is not just business for Szepko International—it’s a passion. See your senior level executives break through barriers and excel in new ways. Szepko’s personalized, holistic approach to executive coaching helps high-level performers access untapped talents, gain new self-awareness, and cultivate the necessary skills to advance as impactful global leaders, whatever your industry.

Executive Coaching

Targeted to the unique objectives of your high-level international executive, these 1:1 executive coaching sessions help leaders clarify goals, master mindsets, and develop techniques toward growth and success.

Intercultural Training

Geared toward cultural awareness, these seminars focus on improving employee morale and motivation while helping executives and team members to interact productively and to build successful business relationships.

Global Consulting

Focused on achieving company objectives, these consultations help you negotiate a global deal, perform culture audits to assess employee engagement across your international offices, and assess employee potential for successful business assignments abroad.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Spring-boarding from the vast intercultural expertise—and the accompanying broad perspective—of CEO Brian Szepkouski, Szepko International specializes in helping global executives navigate a wide cultural range. Brian and the Szepko team endeavor to empower your organization’s leaders—from executive directors through CEOs—to exude proficiency, to provide inspiration, and to effect collaboration across borders and cultures

Signature S.O.A.R. Approach

Strategize, Observe, Activate, Refine

Dedicated to a holistic, collaborative approach aimed at encouraging clients to fully achieve their potential, Szepko’s executive coaching relies on a signature methodology known as S.O.A.R. This cumulative, interactive process helps global executives advance step by step toward attaining their leadership goals.

  • Identification of objectives
  • Performance analysis and feedback
  • Cultivation of skills
  • Honing of strategies

Rooted in the psychology of emotional intelligence, S.O.A.R. also draws upon the latest developments in mindfulness practices that cultivate self-awareness.

Featured Case Studies

Brian Szepkouski, Intercultural Communications Expert and CEO of Szepko International, provides expertise in cross-cultural communications, international executive development, and strategic planning for global business expansion. In addition to training and consulting, he is a certified executive and life coach focusing on long-term excellence in global leadership.

An Industry Leader

  • Developing effective global leadership skills
  • Fostering and maintaining relationships
  • Discovering protocols and etiquette for business and socializing
  • Communicating verbally and non-verbally across cultures
  • Closing international business deals
  • Increasing organizational effectiveness
  • Harnessing diversity for solid growth
  • Determining suitable performers within organizations through talent assessment
  • Gaining perspective on corporate culture to form HR policies and guidelines
  • And more

Many Satisfied Clients

“Brian has been an important guide on my leadership journey. I had an immediate connection to him, his nurturing style and holistic approach to executive coaching. I am very thankful our paths crossed and that we had an opportunity to work together! I left the experience knowing I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Heather Swedin

Director, External Communications, Novartis

“Brian was always engaged and provided numerous strategic tools to help me improve on my areas of focus. He provided valuable insights and was able to listen and dissect issues or areas of concern quickly to get to the root cause…

G. Seitz

Pharmaceutical Executive, Regulatory Affairs

“Brian is one of the most amazing executive coaches that I’ve had the pleasure to work with! Not only does he effectively engage and empower individuals and groups on how to lead and work globally, his expertise, energy, enthusiasm, and ability to put people at ease helps our leaders successfully achieve their business and professional goals.”

B. McGuire

CEO, Worldwide Connect

I was fortunate to meet Brian on my journey when I thought I already had many of the tools necessary for success. What I found is that Brian sharpened each of those tools and taught me new and innovative ways to use them on my leadership path. He has such an incredible energy that draws you in and makes you excited to engage and learn. I started the process with “a stranger and a coach” and ended with “a friend and mentor.”

C. Lobaito, MD, MBA

President, Medical Staff, Chilton Medical Center

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From Japan to NYC, Brian can help with international executive coaching, training, empowering leaders, and helping clients reach their highest potential.

Szepko International offers a suite of services, including executive coaching, leadership development, global consulting, and training and workshops in cross-cultural communication and Asian business culture. Please contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.

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