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global consulting training business coach new york japan tokyo szepko international Culture plays a significant role in how, and how well, a company functions. Productive, cooperative, and harmonious work environments result from cultural awareness and the positive leverage of diversity; this is especially true for companies with U.S.-based international executives or senior level executives who work abroad. The achievement of company objectives heavily relies upon having a clear understanding of the abilities and potential of company members. With the above in mind, Szepko International provides the following global consulting services:

  • Global Team Alignment Programs
  • Company Culture Audits
  • Executive Talent Assessment


Global Team Alignment Programs

Szepko International’s global team alignment programs are oriented to address your company’s unique cultural diversity. These team-building sessions help to increase team effectiveness while promoting a more collaborative, mutually respectful workplace.

  • Gain awareness and understanding of the various cultures represented within teams
  • Engage in a series of intercultural team-building interactive exercises and activities
  • Learn how to positively leverage diversity and cultural differences
  • Develop strategies to collaborate effectively
  • Discover the benefits of effective team collaboration
  • Establish and build mutual trust among all team members

Szepko International’s global team alignment programs begin with an educational component that highlights the range of cultures represented by program attendees. In this phase, participants gain a sense of the diversity of the team and what cultural differences exist among team members. Once armed with a new sense of cultural awareness, team members move into the active phase of the global team alignment programs: interactive exercises and activities. With the aim of inspiring team members to work together toward a common goal, these activities provide rich and meaningful ways of team building.

  • Discover new ways to engage with one another
  • Become better acquainted with team members and cultures
  • Uncover team member talents and abilities
  • Facilitate cooperation toward a shared goal

While it is often true that those who speak fluent English hold a distinct advantage in global companies located within English-speaking countries, it’s similarly true that this advantage often does not lend itself to facilitating cross-cultural communication.

By engaging in certain global team alignment program activities that are language-free, participants are required to get creative in their means of communication in order to achieve desired outcomes. The result not only levels the playing field regarding the advantage of native English speakers, but also promotes collaboration and team effectiveness. Szepko International’s global team alignment programs are typically designed in half-day and one-day formats tailored to the size and makeup of your company’s group.

Company Culture Audits

Szepko International’s culture audits provide a comprehensive view of your company’s corporate culture and the impact it has on your employees. These audits provide an important perspective regarding the whys behind your employees’ momentum, efficiency, and efficacy, and enable your company to make informed decisions about HR policies and guidelines.

  • Determine the “temperature” of your staff
  • Gain information and feedback across company levels
  • Assess the culture in your company’s overseas offices

Achieved through a series of interviews using a standardized set of questions, Szepko International’s culture audits cull a range of relevant and revealing data about your organization, including:

  • What type of people are rewarded within your organization
  • What type of stories are often shared about your organization
  • What changes your organization’s employees suggest
  • And more

The information gathered by Szepko International culture audits empowers Human Resources and senior management to determine whether the revealed data points are in line with what the organization wants to inculcate across the enterprise and to act accordingly.

Executive Talent Assessment

Szepko International’s executive talent assessment assists companies in determining suitable performers within their organization to achieve specific company objectives. In particular, Szepko helps clients identify appropriate candidates for global assignment, whether the goal is discovering an expatriate executive or discovering the appropriate person to oversee sales, marketing, or manufacturing in a particular country or region of the world. Beyond identifying employees who possess specific skills and abilities, Szepko utilizes a series of both quantitative and qualitative measures to identify those employees who reflect qualities that point toward success—for the employee and the organization alike. Through in-depth interviews and a carefully chosen set of self-assessment tools, Szepko International finds the best-qualified and top-motivated candidates, thereby helping companies to make the best choice possible.

Your Global Consulting Coach

With his extensive understanding of the various cultures of Southeast Asia and Japan, Szepko International President and CEO Brian Szepkouski possesses a unique expertise in explaining the distinct cultural differences among the people of this region. Beyond his proficiency in navigating cultural differences, Brian also excels in relating variations within corporate culture, particularly corporate America. He has provided talent assessments and culture audits for a range of global companies.

Szepko International acts as both a catalyst and a resource to help your organization create an effective, cooperative, respectful workplace through our global consulting services. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

For more information about Szepko International, global executive coaching services, Asian culture and business communications, developing global leadership skills, establishing American/Japanese business relations, or to schedule a consultation with Brian Szepkouski, please Contact the office. 


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