S.O.A.R.: Szepko’s Signature Approach

global executive coaching, international business coach, asian business coach, japanese intercultural coachBrian has formulated a unique process that he brings to his global executive coaching practice. Called S.O.A.R., the process stands for: Strategize, Observe, Activate, and Refine.

As your executive coach, Brian Szepkouski is committed to providing attentive support throughout the process of global executive coaching.




Marking the goal-setting step of the process, “Strategize” begins with Brian working with clients to help them imagine the end goal and what steps might exist to reach it. Possible brainstorming items include:

  • What type of leader you envision yourself becoming
  • To what new levels you’d like to advance your organization
  • What limitations may exist that could interfere with achieving your goals, and how they might be overcome


Utilizing self-observation and the commentary of others, this phase of the process involves a 360-degree feedback component. Brian helps his clients become attuned to the image and messages they project in their speech and behavior. In this phase, clients learn to observe the following:

  • Truly hearing what you are saying with your choice of words
  • Paying attention to the manner in which you say things
  • Gaining a sense of how you come across to others


In this phase Brian collects further data from both actual and simulated situations and discussions. Whether by shadowing clients at meetings or presentations or by role playing real life situations with his clients, Brian seeks to help identify anything in their performance that could be better tweaked toward their goals. Together with his client, Brian works in the following ways to “activate”:

  • Brainstorming ways to make positive changes
  • Committing to addressing any necessary adjustments
  • Setting specified time frames for all modifications


This phase marks an ongoing process of learning and perfecting skills. Staying sharp and in the zone is a continual process of refinement. Brian continues to be a touchstone for his clients as they proceed in the process of growing as global executive leaders and as human beings.

S.O.A.R. - Global Executive Coach and Consultant

Chinese character “ting”

Listening Is Fundamental

Great leaders are great listeners. As a global executive coach, Brian models for his clients the kind of listening skills he hopes to instill in them. Listening on a surface level is not sufficient; like every good form of communication, it should engage both the mind and the heart. Brian makes use of the below Chinese character (pronounced “ting”) to illustrate the kind of superb listening skills he not only strives to employ but encourages his clients to develop and use:

The character “ting” is comprised of the following elements: ear, king, ten eyes, undivided attention, and heart. Taken together, “ting” illustrates:

  • Listening with the ear of a king: “I hear what you say”
  • Focusing as though we have ten eyes: “I see what you say”
  • Hearing with a singularity of heart and mind: “I feel what you say”


Dedicated Global Executive Coach

Brian Szepkouski Global Cultural Coach

Brian Szepkouski
Global Executive Coach

With a personal philosophy that there are no limitations to what can be achieved and that people can create the reality they desire, he challenges his clients to aim high when establishing goals and to settle for nothing short of high-impact and extraordinary results. Dedicated to a holistic, collaborative approach, Brian is a steadfast champion of his clients as they make their way toward achieving their leadership goals.

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