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A global executive coaching company, Szepko International specializes in helping executives develop a unique set of leadership and communication skills for the purpose of global business expansion, cross cultural communication, and fostering effective and meaningful relationships in the workplace.

From executive directors through CEOs, Szepko strives to empower leaders to develop a signature presence that confidently expresses proficiency, integrity, and empathy, and that inspires collaboration across borders and cultures. Szepko International is led by Intercultural Communications Expert, President & CEO Brian S. Szepkouski, M.A., CTAA

Meet Brian Szepkouski

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Brian Szepkouski
Global Executive Coach

A leading authority on international executive leadership development, Brian capitalizes on his extensive global experience to offer high impact executive coaching to corporate leaders facing the challenges of culturally appropriate communication. His niche is his astuteness in discerning—and helping his clients navigate—a wide cultural range, from personal cultural backgrounds through corporate, regional, and national cultures.

Brian has a true passion for helping his clients reach their highest potential. With the intent of creating leaders who can genuinely inspire optimism about the future, and with the hope of empowering teams to work well together, Brian leads workshops and offers individual consultations toward the following goals:

  • Developing global leadership skills
  • Achieving team alignment
  • Increasing organizational effectiveness
  • Harnessing diversity for solid growth

His work—and his signature methodology, called S.O.A.R.—is rooted in the psychology of emotional intelligence; it likewise relies on the latest research on those mindfulness practices that promote a high degree of self-awareness. Committed to meeting people where they are and to establishing immediate trust, Brian bears in mind how a person’s professional and personal life may overlap from time to time, and thereby strives to treat clients as whole persons. He describes his style of coaching as personable, holistic, direct, inspiring, and motivating.

Having lived in Japan for six years, Brian is fluent in conversational Japanese. He is an expert intercultural trainer on Southeast Asian culture, and his views on global leaders have been shared in an article published in CEO Magazine. Brian has coauthored the following books:

Education and Credentials

Brian’s educational background and credentials are as follows:

  • B.A. in Foreign Languages/Linguistics (German, Spanish, Japanese)
  • M.A. in International Education & Human Resource Development
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) training at Georgetown University
  • Certified executive coach, life coach, cultural agility coach, and licensed international protocol officer
  • Etiquette & protocol expert (U.S.A. and Asia)
  • Certified in Influence 360 and Leadership 360, Social Styles, Global Leadership Assessment, Profiler, DiSC, Cultural Orientations Indicator, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Instrument
  • Member, European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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For more information about Szepko International, global executive coaching services, Asian culture and business communications, developing global leadership skills, establishing American/Japanese business relations, or to schedule a consultation with Brian Szepkouski, please Contact the office. 

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