Global Executive Coaching

Unparalleled Coaching for Executives with Global Responsibilities

With its unique intercultural expertise, Szepko International offers global executive coaching precisely suited to the demands faced by U.S.-based international executives and senior level executives working abroad, as well as other businesspeople with global responsibilities.

Global business coach, international trainer, executive training, NYC, Tokyo

  • Unlock leadership potential, clarify objectives, advance in self-awareness
  • Communicate effectively with clarity and conviction
  • Understand and manage cultural differences that might hinder effective business interactions

Executive Coach Brian Szepkouski, President and CEO of Szepko International, provides executives across a range of industries with highly individualized global executive coaching that is enriched by his extensive intercultural experience. Through his distinctive S.O.A.R. method, Brian meets clients at their unique starting points and works with them in developing the skills, instincts, and understanding necessary to achieve their goals.

Developing a Signature Presence

A signature presence (sometimes known as an executive presence) is the distinctive suite of leadership and communication assets that executives contribute to the workplace. Helping clients to discern—and to confidently amplify—their individual signature presence is a primary goal of Szepko International’s global executive coaching. Among Brian’s objectives for developing a signature presence include helping his clients to do the following:

  • Identify strengths and talents, including those already in play and those still untapped
  • Identify and diminish any qualities that might stand in the way of being perceived as a capable leader
  • Speak with the boldness, certainty, and dignity known as gravitas
  • Project confidence and self-assuredness through body language

Developing an International Perspective

Executives who possess the cultural savvy to capably negotiate deals around the world, or who successfully lead teams located across the globe, might be considered “corporate diplomats.” As a licensed protocol officer, Brian also shares his knowledge on protocol whenever possible. With an understanding that clients on their way to becoming international leaders might be facing a range of circumstances involving organizational structure, Brian hopes in these situations to act not just as a coach but as a trusted advisor. In the process, clients gain the following:

  • An understanding of the extensive role culture plays in what we do and say
  • An awareness of the cultural preferences around the world
  • A discovery of the various ways of operating, communicating, and managing across borders
  • A recognition and appreciation of the role after-hours socialization plays in many cultures

Helping You Achieve Excellence

As any good coach should, Brian will push his clients to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves, while at the same time resolutely supporting them in every way possible. Believing that solutions can always be found, even in challenging situations, Brian is an enthusiast of creative problem solving. As a global executive coach he seeks to help clients access their untapped potential and reach new levels of professional development.
Clients learn to:

  • Craft inspirational, audience-appropriate messages
  • See issues from a range of different perspectives
  • Strive for heightened engagement and adapt to new ways of leading
  • Understand the values and goals of others and creatively invite them into discussions and decision-making processes
  • Build critical relationships with influential stakeholders
  • Generate enthusiasm for possibilities
  • Maintain motivation, even when confronted by setbacks
  • Celebrate big and small wins with their team, reinforcing positive behavior with praise and appreciation
  • Realize their progress and deepen their self-belief
  • Discover how insight, awareness, and focused action make a difference

Szepko International is dedicated to helping talented executives develop, problem-solve, and excel in their international roles. Contact us to learn how to get started with a customized global executive coaching plan today.

For more information about Szepko International, global executive coaching services, Asian culture and business communications, developing global leadership skills, establishing American/Japanese business relations, or to schedule a consultation with Brian Szepkouski, please Contact the office. 


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