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international executive coach, business consultant, intercultural training, Asian business culture educatorBelow are questions frequently received concerning global executive coaching, training, consulting, and strategic planning.  If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.




In what industries have you provided executives with coaching?

Szepko International provides executive coaching in a variety of industries, including: 

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Luxury Goods & Cosmetics
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • And more

Regardless of whether or not Szepko International has previously worked in your industry, Brian is a quick study and, in no time, will be able to understand the language of your industry. 

Can you still help clients if you aren’t already familiar with their industry?

Absolutely. Not only does Brian takes pride in his ability to swiftly learn new industries, but also, since all Szepko services are customized to the unique needs and interests of every individual and every organization, he is poised to devise an appropriate proposal for addressing your specific situation. Furthermore, Brian’s signature executive coaching method translates across a host of industries.

Can you tailor your executive coaching to the specific needs of your clients?

Yes. Brian meets each individual client exactly where he or she is and works forward from that starting point to help establish goals and devise methodologies for growth toward achieving those goals.

With what levels of executives do you typically work?

As a global executive coach, Brian generally works with executive directors up through CEO level executives. Szepko International’s global executive coaching is geared toward the international executive or businessperson with global responsibilities.

What distinguishes you from other executive coaches?

Beyond the typical components of executive coaching, Brian understands a variety of cultures and how to do deals around the globe. His niche is his focus on culture and its impact on perspective and behaviors. Through his own signature global executive coaching process, Brian’s specialty is helping each client to develop a distinctive signature presence, and, where appropriate, to help top negotiators to evolve into “corporate diplomats.”

How would you describe your executive coaching process?

Using a style of coaching that is both personable and holistic, Brian aims to immediately establish a solid relationship with every client. While he pushes clients to work toward achieving all they hope to become using his signature S.O.A.R. method, Brian also strives to become and remain their greatest cheerleader, supporting them in every way possible, and going to bat for them however he can.

What is S.O.A.R.?

S.O.A.R. is Brian’s signature approach for global executive coaching. S.O.A.R. stands for Strategize, Observe, Activate, and Refine, and represents Brian’s methodology for working with each client in establishing objectives and then engaging in a plan of action that develops the skills, instincts, and understanding necessary to achieve goals.

What are your credentials?

Brian is certified as an executive coach, a life coach, and a cultural agility coach. He is also a licensed international protocol officer as well as an etiquette and protocol expert (U.S.A. and Asia) with numerous certifications, among them Influence 360 and Leadership 360, social styles, and global leadership assessment. Having completed international business courses at Harvard and Seton Hall Universities, Brian also holds a B.A. in Foreign Languages/Linguistics (German, Spanish, and Japanese) and an M.A. in International Education and Human Resource Development. He is fluent in conversational Japanese and is an expert intercultural trainer on Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures.

What is the difference between intercultural coaching and intercultural training?

Intercultural or global executive coaching focuses on working with individual executives to address the unique leadership, communication and management demands faced by U.S.-based international executives and senior level executives working abroad, as well as other businesspeople with global responsibilities. Intercultural training seeks to educate businesspeople on matters of cultural differences in an effort to facilitate successful communication within global business settings.

By “intercultural,” do you mean international?

Not always. While intercultural training can and often does relate to bridging cultural gaps among nations hoping to conduct business, “intercultural” can also relate to addressing the range of varying cultures that exist within a single nation, region, state, or even a single corporation.

What is a Global Team Alignment Program?

Szepko International offers tailored global team alignment programs to address the unique cultural diversity represented within a single company. Through team building sessions, a global team alignment program seeks to boost team effectiveness and to foster a more collaborative and mutually respectful workplace.

What kind of time investment should clients expect to make?

A global executive coaching engagement typically lasts six months, but can sometimes be achieved sooner than that. Global team alignment programs and intercultural training sessions are typically designed in half-day and one-day formats tailored to the size and makeup of your company’s group.

How much does intercultural executive coaching cost?

As all of Brian’s services are customized to the unique needs of each individual client, intercultural executive coaching fees vary. The first step is to zero in on an approach to a client’s interests that is appropriate and comfortable for him or her. Please contact Brian Szepkouski today to schedule an initial consultation.


Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

No. The goal of any consultation is to for clients to voice their wishes and intentions; to that end, Brian offers a free consultation in regard to any program, with the goal of determining what each client’s needs might be and how he could tailor a program to meet these needs.

How does one get started?

We’re waiting to hear from you! Contact us today to discover a highly customized global executive coaching, intercultural training, or global consulting program that perfectly suits your needs.

For more information about Szepko International, global executive coaching services, Asian culture and business communications, developing global leadership skills, establishing American/Japanese business relations, or to schedule a consultation with Brian Szepkouski, please Contact the office. 


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